Friday, June 25, 2010

Auto Insurance Quotes

There have been a surge of vehicle accidents in the past years and i dread it every time i get to witness one on the roads here in my country. Altogether we are very efficient and proficient here, accidents bound to happen when one is not thoughtful or irresponsible or at times reckless can cause a big pain to others, causing massive jams and even deaths occur when the accidents get too big to be handled. Its then very important to get the right auto insurance quotes from the trusty suppliers in this field.

Since, we are mentioning about auto insurance quotes , mine is expiring quite soon, in fact, next month, i would have to renew it again. Its that fast, i renew mine every once a year which i think happens for most insurance polices here where i lived. Usually, i pay around $300 dollars which covers me for a good year. I guess auto insurances are a must especially when you are on that road where so many vehicles travel in and out. Hence, you and i know that insurance will benefit us all because it covers the expenses or cost that will be incurred when there is a accident happening between you and the other party. I just hope that such accidents will not happen but its a safety net i would put it that way for every driver out there today!

So, have you gotten your auto insurance quotes today, if not, get one from them NOW!!!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Water Puppet Show in Saigon

Sorry guys for not updating this blog for a while....

Anyway, the last i stopped at was this Bonsai Cruise which we sat. Next on my list will be this neat little "Water Puppet Show" which i recommend to all tourist going to Vietnam to at least see this show although the whole segment of this show is in traditional vietnamese language but one can still figure out what is happening in the background.

These little Puppets are man-handled by their masters behind the screen. Puppets are then waved in and out in the pool of water. I heard that its quite famous in the parts of Saigon and Hanoi, the stories are basically folklores enacted by the water puppets accompanied by musicians acting out the background voices, singing and at the same time playing the musical instruments which made the show more lively as well. Something everyone especially tourist will get to enjoy their local folklore music enacted by water puppets.

Me camwhoring at the entrance

The sign-board

A few of the pictures which i took while watching the show.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Bonsai Cruise in Saigon

Moving on, we went onboard a dinner cruise called the Bonsai Cruise. At first, i didn't think much of it, thinking that it could be just another cruise where we just makan and make merry with one another whilst onboard.

No, it was fun in this cruise, there is a buffet spread and a special band to entertain you. There are magicians there to entertain you as well, but the live performances were the real best highlight of the day.

These two gals dressed in beautiful costumes will dance with a cup of fire on their heads, next bamboo pole dancing as well. Quite interesting and all in all, it takes an hour plus before the food is finished and it arrives at the berth again. The cruise will sail around the bay of Saigon and comes back again. There are other cruises around too, but i still like this one that we hopped on. LOL...

PS - Drinks are on your own account.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saigon, here i come

Moving on, we left for our next destination - Saigon. You repeat the same old procedure for checking in and then flying for less than an hour to Saigon by VN. When we reached Saigon, the guide gave us a slight commentary on this city and finally, we reached our hotel in the heart of the city - Caravelle Hotel, a five star property in District 1.

My room

Mother duck and its two ducklings

Measuring my weight, ooops up by alot...LOL

District 1 in Saigon is like Orchard Road to us, you will see LV, the other branded stores, espirit, etc....There are also cute little stores selling souvenirs and stuff that any tourist can just bargain and buy. But the fact is, you can always buy them at Ben Thanh Market where the prices are better and perhaps more variety. But beware, see one and you see all (all the stores are about the same and sell the same stuff)....LOL

One thing, i noticed that there seems to be alot of fastfood chain Pho (Vietnamese rice noodles) popping out from everywhere. I guess its a chain store and every tourist or the local people are also eating in the restaurant. We enjoyed our Pho alot and it was a nice little restaurant that can seat around below 50 pax with up and downstairs at the one that we went. Pho also comes with alot of vegetables which you can add into your hot bowl of Pho and i like mine coupled with lots of tou gay or beansprouts. You can also add in mint leaves and many other leaves which took your fancy as well. The Pho comes in either chicken, beef etc... and i like mine in beef stock.

Okay, enough of Pho. Tonight, we are taking the Bonsai Night Cruise which i will update later. Now, back to this hotel Caravelle, i love its five star location and its right in the heart of Saigon city. All the famous five star accommodations are within reaches, believe it or not, this hotel also have this hip little alfresco bar situated right at the top of this hotel called Saigon Bar. Any tourist or the locals can just go up and chill out in the comfy areas that this bar offers, its view are incredible and i guess if you bring your love ones, it will kinda feel romantic, i think. There are live bands as well playing in the night time and i believe alot of Angmohs patronise this place as well. I didn't come up to chill out though, coz i was shopping like a mad dog in the vicinity. I took a tour of the whole hotel's facilities, courtesy of Caravelle's management staff.

Saigon Bar

Saigon Bar - Signature Bears, i got one of those...hehehe...

Caravelle hotel has all the usual facilities that any hotel can offer to its guest so i'm not gonna talk about their facilities here. But nonetheless, if you are looking for a five star accommodation and location, this hotel is one you mustn't miss out!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The restaurant that i visited in Vietnam

Food is one thing any Singaporean would love and rave about and so today, i'm gonna talk about these two favourite restaurants that i have visited during this trip.

Right after our Hoi-an Day trip, we went to this restaurant named Nam Long which serves authentic Vietnamese Cuisine. At first we were alfresco dinning under the stars and near the sea but because it started drizzling, we were quickly shifted into the inside of the restaurant.

I like the interior decoration of the restaurant which gives you the fusion kind of ambience, the food that is served, we finished every single morsel of it. Not only were the food delicious but also served very creatively. (creatively is a understatement...)

Private dining Room

Alfresco dining

Prawns in Burning Coconut - the soup mixture inside the coconut tastes heavenly sweet, something all coconut lovers will luv....

Crispy Popiah pin onto a pineapple - looks nice and delicious as well...

This restaurant was along the way to Mekong Delta in a nice big restaurant. Its a open air restaurant with big fans blowing from the roof-top area. The food served here is very delicious as well, amongst all the food that was served, the Elephant Ear Fish (it looks like a elephant ear when its fried)is the speciality here in this area.

The whole fish is thrown into the hot oil wok and fried to perfection. When i say - whole fish, it means with the scales still intact on its body. I've seen this on TV but the taste of the fish is so soft and tender that any TV show just cannot tell you about it! And so, i urge you my readers to go and try it yourself when you sign up a tour to Vietnam, especially going towards the Mekong Delta Area to ask for this fish...LOL

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hoian Old Town

Now, lets talk about the places that you can visit while you are in Danang. Of course, no doubts about it, you can always opt to fly to their next nearest destinations like Hue. But for us, we traveled to a nearby town called Hoian Old Town. Hoian Old Town is a nice place to visit if you have the time to spare, you should stay in one of their neat hotels around this place.

Hoian Old Town is a very unique place where you will find concentrations of architectural monuments of various forms like living house, assembly hall, communal house, pagoda, shrine, temple, water well, bridge, market, wharf...preserved intact. To visit old town, you'll need to pay an admission fee of US5 which is used to preserve and maintain this area. I see alot of tourist around the area either walking or riding a bicycle around here.

There are also many unique restaurants which has preserved their old building structures which i took some pictures as well. When night fall, the old town comes to live with the many beautiful lanterns that all the houses have, hanging outside their front doors. So beautiful that you would want to bring one back as well, but i didn't buy any, i just like to admire them from afar...

Okay, photo time...

PS - as there is alot of walking to do once you are inside the old town, i recommend, you bring along some comfortable footwear and also lost of souvenir shops as well for your shopping too.

PPS - If you are fond of tailoring your suits either for the ladies or gents, this place is the perfect place for your tailor needs, i heard its cheaper than Danang itself.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Furama Danang Resort

Welcome Drink (Cute right?)

Furama Danang Resort is the most nicest resort/hotel that anyone could imagine when you are in Danang, boastng a five start resort emblem at the front of the resort entrance, its visitors are in for a relaxed and exotic stay with this resort.

Expect to be pampered by massages, with two swimming pool, one for the lover of nature - nestled within the gardens, you will find yourself swimming in the shades of trees and plants. While the other is the lover of the sun - right under the sun can, anyone opting for this is in for a hot suntan body....:D However, the view from this swimming pool is gorgeous and right after this swimming pool, you can run out into the open sea. And there you have it : Two in One

Massage was great, i tried their 1hour Vietnamese massage which was quite good and requested a guy to massage my body. Oops, he is full of strength and really massages you and at the end of the day, your muscles really feel the aches, but i'm loving it.
Massage parlour can done individually or in couples too. There is even one that you can opt to do it in the nature, i saw one ang moh guy having his massage and took a photo. Muahahaha!

My room has a garden facing view. Lots of goodies are laid on the table for its travelers, i had a platter of fruits, sweets waiting in a rickshaw for me. Big spacious toilets that you can open its windows into the room. It even comes with a balcony and there is where i took a photo of the above ang moh guy...

The rickshaw of sweets

The platter of fresh fruits

Snacks which you pay to eat in my room

Coffee or Tea, anyone?

Lastly, the food is marvelous, its called Indochine Restaurant but not managed by the Indochine group in Singapore. I like their buffet breakfast, lots of variety to choose from, the group and i just love their Pho or flat noodles of the Vietnamese. It comes with lots of veg and herbs and served in a soup base with the flat noodles. On top of that, there are even sushi for BF also.

Of course, it includes many other amenities to spoil any travelers staying with them. Maybe, if i get married, i will come here for my honeymoon...Muahahahaha, cheap mah!
My stay with Furama Danang Resort was fantastic and i believe i brought back with me sweet memories and would love to visit them again...hopefully.

Okay, photo time, enjoy:

The huge toilet in my room


The other parts of the room

My big bed

The Garden Swimming pool

The view from the seaside

B/F spread

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