Thursday, April 12, 2007

Secrets to earning money at Bloggerwave

I'm gonna sidetrack abit to this site at Bloggerwave. This is the new money earning program which if you have a blog, you can get in that easily.

Submit your blogs thru Bloggerwave today and start earning those money away. Its that easy without the hassle of submitting your blogs to them and being rejected just because your blogs are not 90days of age.

Over at Bloggerwave, you'll have to submit your blogs first, i submitted my this main blog first and the next working day, i received a email confirming that they have accepted my blogs.

Now, i went over to Blogger Dashboard and chose my opportunities. I want to try my hands on this post, promoting and buzzing on Bloggerwave coz i'm so happy that they've accepted me and now i'm returning this favour to them.

Now, i'm gonna sit back and wait for my monetary returns.

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