Thursday, April 19, 2007

Visit Foggy Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam!!

West Lake (Ho Tay) has spawned many legends. It is either the water-filled foot prints of a young golden buffalo looking for its mother, or a bend that the Red River left behind after it changed its course.

The Lake is recorded in manuscripts dating to the 11th century as Dam Dam (Foggy Lake), but has been known as West Lake, short for "the lake to the west of the Red River", since the 15th century.

A few kilometres from the centre of Hanoi is a village growing flowers and ornamental plants. The land around the lake has always been used for cultivating flowers and plants of many kinds, especially hoa dao (peach blossom) and quat (kumquat) trees to provide city dwellers with the essential decorations for Tet, the traditional Lunar New Year ceremony.

Kim Lien Pagoda, about 4km from the city centre, is also located in the West Lake area. With its unique three-door gate and delicately curving carved wooden arches, the pagoda presents an immaculate garden for relaxation.

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