Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Apply for a Mint Card today!

This day is the start of our City's Great Sale, everywhere is sales and bargains, shops try their best to lure customers into their shops and lo and behold, customers are enticed and buys the items off the shelf. For me, i don't shop so much even if its a sales period in my city, i prefer to shop overseas, coz' sometimes, the price is better, quality is varied and customer service to the fullest. Hence, its my happiest moments, coz i will shop like crazy and will try to buy things which i can't find in my city that i lived in.

There is only one thing that gets in my way whenever i shop here or overseas - my credit cards. Those months that i travel, i will spend alot and chalk up a huge sum of money and plus interests will roll and a huge debt will be incurred. Hence, i'm looking for a way to help solve my problem here. I saw what Mint Card is offering to consumers. Now Mint Card is offering a 0% on purchases till 1Jan08, i could also opt for a 0% balance transfers(2.5% fee) which is until 1AUG08.

There are many other benefits and perks when you apply with them, as Mint Cards slogan says, "Why settle for just one 0%?, when Mint Cards can let you save, save and save again."

Send in your credit card application today.

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