Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Want to climb the Great Wall of China??

Great Wall of China
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Located in Yanqing County, the Great Wall at Badaling is among the best preserved stretches of the wall. Badaling is actually a pass, an outer town of Juyong Pass. The Badaling pass tower was first constructed in 1505 with East and West gates. Badaling means "giving access to every direction", the name itself suggests its strategic importance.

The Badaling section of the Great Wall lies among the undulating high mountains, and is one of the most imposing stretches. With the Earthern Tower as the center, this section totals 4,770 meters from south to north, of which over 3,700 meters for sightseeing. In 1995 nearly 2,000 meters of the Badaling section were developed for tourists to visit at night.

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silken said...

my five year old neighbor says she wants to hike the Great Wall of China. Maybe some day I can bring her!