Wednesday, June 13, 2007

At times, i feel frustrated...

in my job. I mean who doesn't, at times, i'm also frustrated with my immediate boss. She can be really up to my neck at times, there are times, where i feel frustrated also towards my co-workers, especially when they don't understand how you feel when the pressure is up. I feel like giving up at times, and change to a new environment. A new change is good for me and maybe it will work for the better.

However, i have this slight problem, i'm afraid that i won't be able to accustom to life - studying again. I mean the commitment that you have to give, the time that you have to spend, browsing through scores of textbooks, meeting up with fellow students to share tips, doing projects together. While i was browsing the internet, i happen to chance upon Capella University, a fully accredited university offering college degree online . The programs that they are offering comes in a variety of degree programs, and what i like about them is that they offer resources to help each student to find out which course/degree will suit their needs most.

It seems like this is the place to be for me to get on with my learning again.

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