Friday, June 1, 2007

Grand View Garden, main shooting site for A Dream of Red Mansion!

Grand View Garden
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Located in Nancaiyuan Jie, Xuanwu District, Grand View Garden is constructed according to the garden described in the ancient classic novel A Dream of Red Mansions. Originally the garden served as the main site for shooting the TV drama A Dream of Red Mansion.

Grand View Garden covers an area of 125,000sqms, of which the construction area totals over 8,000sqm. All the scenic spots in the garden were modeled after the particulars in the novel. The Grand Theater on the north eastern corner of the garden was built according to the descriptions how Grandmother Jia watched the opera in the mansion.

The theater has 300 seats, where people can drink tea, take a rest and have a get-together. The Honglou (red mansion) Culture and Art Exhibition is open in the garden all the year round. Grand View Garden also houses the Beijing Honglou Culture and Art Museum.

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