Monday, June 25, 2007

Have you heard of...

TravelSafe Insurance? Its a company whom provides Vacation Insurance policies especially to your clients. But while i was surfing their website, i have great news for travel agents today. Do you know that this particular travel insurance company also provides Errors and Omission Professional Liability Coverage? What do you mean by that, you may ask? Well, basically, all travel agents are bound to hold many fairs at different time of the season to capture the most sales and where travelers like to travel at certain times, be it school holidays or public holidays. This will be the time where travel agents will set up booths to capture the public's attention and draw them to the travel fairs. While it could be enticing for the public to purchase their travel needs, it is this time where many of our front desk travel consultants make the most mistakes, because time is the essence and hence mistakes come by.

Mistakes or errors like booking the wrong dates, the wrong hotel, the wrong itinerary are bound to happen, especially at a travel fair. And mostly our clients are from reputable companies and they are unlikely to forgive and forget. They want to claim damages from you and that is where this company comes in. They will help you to settle this mistake or error done by your staff. Now travel has its risks, but running a travel agency shouldn't. Check out this policy with them today.

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