Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I need to call home..

whenever there is a emergency which i will need to attend to personally and over the phone, be it on my mobile or thru' other means. At times, i can chalk up to a big sum of money just from calling on my mobile coz' sometimes, its so difficult to explain certain procedures to my co-workers or that my office can't find a certain document which they needed it urgently or it could be reception is poor and hence, it takes longer for me to relay my messages to them. After returning back to my office and receiving my mobile bills and claiming back from my company, my accountant will be on my back all day asking me to account for the cost of my mobile bills. I found this terrific website called Pingo.com and they offer the best and affordable rates to consumers especially like me whom needs to travel often to unknown places and where charges can be really steep. I can now rely on their long distance phone cards and by following some simple steps, i can use their service for much lesser and enjoy tremendous savings along the way.

Now Pingo.com has this new service called the Rate Watcher, where it will constantly be looking out for cheaper rates and then passing on this savings down to consumers like you and me, hence reducing the hassle of looking for the Cheapest Phone Card or other alternatives. If you sign on with them, you get a USD5 in free calls, so hurry sign on with them now.

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