Monday, June 18, 2007

I Signed up at PayPerPost...

and i will try to make money blogging using my this blog which i have submitted to them last month ago. I have tried to submit a similar post about this but was rejected coz' i was in a hurry to finish off writing for them that i neglected in reading the terms and conditions in regards to writing for PPP. Now i'm confident that my posts will be accepted and will continue to write for PPP and make money blogging again.

I have already submitted 5 posts for them to review and so far, three of them have been approved, except for another 2 post which is still pending for approval from PPP. So far, i have earned $26.36 from them and am still waiting for them to pay me this amount through my PayPal account. I was recommended by my friend to this money blogging website and i was very thrilled to be accepted by them. Now, i am waiting for the opportunity when i reach 10 post approved by them and i will submit my other blogs for them to approve as well.

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MsLovely101 said...

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