Monday, June 11, 2007

The night time sky in places that i've went..

are always clear and bright, beaming with far away stars which seems to be beckoning to you to come and explore their planets which is far into the universe or in space in lay-man terms. I used to wonder how many planets, there are in the universe or any being surviving on the planets itself.

Since, young, i love to view the night time sky, be it rain or a clear sky, its been a passion of mine to view and admire how this universe is made and how wonderful our creator is to us - human beings. Today at opticsplanet, you can buy such a equipment called the meade my sky Personal Sky Observation Guide 04540 that comes with free UPS. This unique and powerful tool will be the ultimate equipment you'll ever want to watch that favourite star of yours, or the shift of the planets or any other changes in the universe from the place you are standing, be your home balcony, out in the open woods, etc.

Just seeing those equipments, make me want to order one from them now.

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