Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Online Hotel Reservations...

had gotten better and at the same time, can provide you with a reliable and a quick and fast confirmation of hotel reservations which you will want to come back and pay them a visit again.

Talking about Cheap Hotels, i got hooked up with my friend and we decided to go vacationing together over to Thailand, Bangkok. My friend was the one whom have decided against all odds to book through a online hotel service reservation in the internet. It all went well and we happily got onto our plane and fly over to Bangkok. When we reach our destination, we were promptly issued our room keys and when we got up to the room, how astonished we were to see our room. Firstly, the room's view was facing a slab of black and dirty walls of another building, initially, when my friend went ahead to book the room at this particular internet service, we have requested to have a high floor accommodation. It turned out that there was a high demand of high floor and so we just took what we have at the moment. Next, normally, we will leave our passports in the safe deposit box, but there were none to be found. When we enquired with the reception counter, we were told that there are none at our rooms, but if we want, we can leave our important documents with them as they have a line of deposit box within their reception counter. We felt cheated when at the internet while my friend was booking, it specifically indicated that there was a safe box within our rooms. Although, we were clearly not happy with our situation, we still continued to go ahead to enjoy our holiday despite of this unpleasant circumstances that has happened to us. We had a three days trip over at this tropical country, we shop, ate and shop again till we drop like any other typical Singaporeans will do, when they are vacationing abroad. Breakfast over at this hotel which we have booked wasn't that superb either, breakfast restaurant was small and it was always crowded with hotel guests. At the end of our last day, we have enjoyed our trip very much although the accommodations wasn't that perfect for us. We vowed never to book our reservations with this online reservations again.

However, all this changed, when i was surfing this site called Hotels Reservations.com. This site promises competitive pricing on worldwide destinations as compared with other online competitors. From their site, you could even book motels, vacation rentals, rental of cars can also be done through them as well. My favourite, which i would definitely book through them has to be the cruise line vacation. Many different itineraries to choose from, prices varies too. The one that has moved my heart has to be the celebrity cruises, cruising the Vancouver inside passage, enjoy mountains, beautiful sceneries and many more things to do onboard the cruise.

Today, when you book with Hotel Reservations, you get to save up to 70% off, now isn't that a bargain for a vacation.

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