Sunday, June 24, 2007

Taoranting Park!

On the southern side of Taoranting Lu in Xuanwu District, this park was constructed in 1952, with an area of 590,000 square meters, of which one third is taken up by the lake. The park is named after Taoran Pavilion, and features various kinds of pavilions.

Taoran Pavilion is one of the four famous pavilions in China. Constructed in 1695, it used to be a place where men of letters in the capital wrote articles, composed poems and drew paintings. In 1985 the "Garden of Famous Chinese Pavilions" was constructed in the park. The garden includes 10 famous pavilions, such as "Only Awakening Pavilion" to commemorate Qu Yuan, a patriotic post, "Two Spring Pavilion" in the imitation of a famous pavilion in Wuxi, and "Sister Pavilions" resembling that by the Sun and Moon Pool. Now Taoranting Park has 36 pavilions, hence an ideal place for tourist to appreciate Chinese pavilion.

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