Thursday, June 28, 2007

Visiting my friend in Kuala Lumpur...

was a nice experience and a short getaway for me. Both my friend and his wife was of old acquaintances to me, met them both a long time back in my home country. Both are now residing in a town near Kuala Lumpur and it took me a few hours to reach their place. Theirs was a small, neat and cosy place, however when i saw their fridge, i was taken aback. Because the fridge seems to have over stacked itself and the food inside seems to be overflowing.

I told my friend about this brand called LG Refrigerators . This brand has large compartment refrigerators which can accommodate alot of food and still can have many more space for other things as well.

While surfing the website, i saw this site called which utilizes its Localization Engine to look for products which you are interested in and after comparing the prices and different brands which you are ready to purchase, it also displays and pinpoints the exact location in the place that you lived in, its that easy and convenient, save the hassle of looking for the right store and buying that exact brand which you fancied.

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