Sunday, July 15, 2007

Famous Beijing Dishes (Part 4)

Beijing Local Snacks:
Sweet Snacks - Ludagun (pastry made of soy bean flour), Wandouhuang (pea flour cake), Aiwowo (steamed cone-shaped cake), Yundoujuan (kidney bean-flour roll), and Mimahua (sweet dried dough twists).

Cold Snacks - Pagao (glutinous rice cake), lotus seed porridge, sweet-sour plum soup, cheese, haw cheese, and Liangfen (bean jelly).

Baked Snacks - Mianbobo (flour bun), Guobing (fried cake), Niushebing (cake in the shape of an ox tongue), and roasted sweet potato.

Deep-fried Snacks - Thin fried cake, Jiaoquan (crisply fried dough-ring), Zhaogao (fried cake), fried sesame ball, and fried spring roll.

Fried Snacks - Guotie (lightly fried dumpling), Dalian Huoshao (baked wheaten cake), Menzi (braised cake) and Guanchang (fried sausage).

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