Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have fun...

with a game of paintball will be the exact game which will break any ice between a couple whom is just having a first time date out. Tonight, i was watching the TV Serial Drama of this eldest son whom was preparing a date with his new found girlfriend. They chose to watch a movie, while the lady was clearly enjoying the show, the eldest son was not. He was dozing off while watching this boring movie. The girlfriend was both irritated and after the movie, both went straight back home.

Both of them are army specialist and i would have recommended them to sign up for a game of paintball. This game will require one to have a paintball gun and other accessories in order to enjoy a safe and fun game. I think if both were engaged in this exciting game, both will definitely not find it boring and may sparked off some chemistry between the two lovers since this is the first date they are in.

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