Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Upgrade yourself at...

capella university today. My government at the place that i lived in is encouraging the citizens of this country to go for skills upgrading and also go for higher education. Our government gives individuals grants in terms of monetary to help those in need of cash to make payment for their studies.

Today, i was flipping through the newspaper and saw that the government is having this round of promotion to keep our citizens on their toes. They are giving out $200 to individuals whom successfully recommends anyone whom is undergoing skills upgrading or higher education. I guess the intentions behind that is to encourage more citizens to take up those upgrading challenges.

Capella Online University offers many different degree courses and the thing which i like about them is that any student can just take up the courses online and without leaving their home premises complete school projects, discussion groups, etc..using their own computers at home.

Now, there is no excuse for any individual not to go for higher education.

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