Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What to get for myself?

My birthday is around the corner and i'm snooping around to find myself a great gift to celebrate my birthday. Most times, its better to buy yourself your own gifts and sent to yourself to give yourself a special treat on this special day. Although, sometimes, its a bit hard to have someone to be ever caring and giving you just what you want, especially on your birthday. Since the day, i started to have my own earning power, i bought most of the things myself and till today, i'm still doing that. But at times, i still pamper myself and its not only on birthdays though.

Today, i was browsing this site and some fine selections of birthday gift baskets. The portal that was displaying all those wonderful gift baskets just make me want to have one myself. And because i just go crazy when i see chocolates, i think i might choose the Chocolate Gift Basket Stack - Sweet Decadence which costs around $49.99 to be sent to me.

Now, i have the best Birthday Gift Basket that i could ever have.

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