Friday, August 31, 2007

Peregrine Online...

My online friend Peregrine Online has just migrated to a new spot and from looks of it, she meant business! Business as in that she will continue to keep her old stuff there, mostly are her travel blogs that she has traveled before or intending to travel to. I admire her wits and never say die attitude when it comes to blogging.

Of the many posts that she wrote in her blog, i recommend to you this post about Sarawak where she is writing about the lives of the sarawakians living there. I know that the Malaysian Tourism industry is trying to build up the lives of the tribal people living deep in the heart of Sarawak. The Tourism Industry has already make plans to help them in terms of making their homes or longhouse as part of the traveler's accommodation. Travelers will book them through a agent online and when the traveler is in Sarawak staying with the sarawakians, they will be offered all meals, dining with them, learn about how they make a living out of planting their own crops and such activities will be planned out for the travelers.

I thought these homestay are kind of interesting and has been wanting to write about them in one of my post and since my dear online buddy has migrated to a new blog, i might as well lend her a helping hand to boost her page rank, although, mine is only a meagre 2. But if we put our hands together, we can work wonders....

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