Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Planning my Korea and Japan Winter Itineraries!

My job in my travel agency is that of planning itineraries for travelers alike and sometimes i do have adhoc projects to fulfill and there are always challenges ahead of me that requires my attention at times.

This period of the time will be especially busy for me as i start preparing the last quarter of the year's itinerary. This time of the year in Japan and Korea, the taste and wants of my customers staying in this region which i stay in, would normally want to travel to distance countries and try some extreme sports like Skiing. Both adult and children love this kind of skiing trips which are mostly done during this time of the year and although it could work up to a sum of around $1000 dollars or so, parents will still bring their kids and try some winter skiing. Probably with the year end bonus and hence with this money, they are more willing to splurge on this kind of holiday travels.

Especially with this kind of extreme sport, Travel Insurance is a must when you and your love ones are doing a skiing trip abroad. Endsleigh.com is a perfect insurance partner in getting your skiing insurance done. Better to be prepared than to be sorry. Protect yourself and your family, it doesn't hurt the pocket but if you do met a mishap, a travel insurance is your best bet to cover your medical expenses and other type of incidental claims.

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