Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where does Ninja Originate from?

Do you know where does Ninjas originate from? My only guess will have to be from the Asian countries of Japan. Japan not only produces Ninjas but Samurais as well. They came a long way of being samurais or ninjas and they go through a lot of tough training as well. From the many popular movies that was screen over the big screen, we see the ninjas killing their preys as easy as 123. They come and go at their own will and could even disappear in a puff of smoke. I used to think that ninjas were pretty cool and wish upon myself to be a ninja fighter one day, but i know that those are just immature thoughts of mine, but it would be fun just being a day of a professional ninja.

From the site of Karate, i think my wish can come true, they have Halloween Ninja uniforms that one can choose from and now they even have costume on sale at $54.95 only where it used to be $62.95. With some shipping fees, your uniform can be shipped to you as a low fee. Well, i'm off to get some ninja uniforms for me today!

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