Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interested in Scuba Diving?

I have a staff whom is a professional Scuba Diver himself and often boast about the diving destinations that he has been with. He is now working with a diving company and together with the Dive master and himself, they will go about a diving expedition together with some of their students as well.

From the many beautiful and yet marvelous pictures which he took with his underwater camera of corals, nemos and different underwater fishes, i guess i also have fallen for Scuba Diving itself. I mean its so great to be swimming together with the fishes underwater and imagine yourself with some flippers, you are able to glide forward with ease like a fish itself.

Today, as promised, i want to introduce this site at Its a wonderful and perfect site for scuba divers wishing to learn more about the destinations which they plan to go as a group or even if its a solo act, you can also find someone to go buddy with you. As i know that it will be alot safer while diving as someone can watch your back and the same applies, as accidents can happen, and you can be sure, someone will be there to assist you!

From the look of this new site, i will be able to scour through its many diving destinations and in August, they are recommending the Red Sea in Egypt. It must be fun diving in the Red Sea, maybe i'll get my friend to go with me and explore the wonderful diving over there.

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