Monday, September 24, 2007

Things that i see during my travels!

I think i have traveled alot during my youth and still yearns to travel a bit at times to relieve that stress built up inside me. The experts say that one need to travel and get out of their own country at least one every month but i think that will be a expensive stress relief technique to go for and to do it every month.

During my travels, one of my interest will have to be shopping. I remember during one of my trips to Malacca in Malaysia, i brought back two wood elephants as decorative stands in my house, and believe me those were heavy and when on my journey back i was asking myself, why i did this? Although i was tired, i still find joy in looking at my wood elephants and admiring them. Since then, my interest in anything that is made of wood especially decorative ornaments that is used to decorate the house will be the ones that i will look to compliment my house as the colour theme in my house is of earthly colours and hence any ornaments made of wood will look nice in my house.

Now, i seem to have own pretty much of the wood stuff ornaments or decorative wares and i thought maybe i could set up a stall in those flea markets and sell my wares. While i was surfing the internet, i found this site at Ashop Commerce which specialises in online shopping cart software which allows online owners the flexibility of not having a template to work on creating their online store but using their unique design creator to create that personalised look that anyone will love to have.

Now, it is made very affordable with a small monthly investment and with their full service and advice behind you, your online store will be found in the search engines, which is a sure win sign of directing those interested customers into your site. Get their 10 day free trial today with no credit card needed and you will be on your way to a successful online business!

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