Monday, September 3, 2007

Travel Agency for Missionaries!

My friend is a full-time American missionary and she has been in my country for the longest time ever since i have known her. Her work involves her to be working here on the sponsorship from her home congregation back in Houston, Texas. I must say that she has been very good in mingling into our culture here, all the young children and older folks just love having her around, she can be very discerning and gives us very constructive and positive feedbacks and if by ourselves we will never know.

Today, I had a lunch appointment with her before she flies this coming Thursday to Shanghai, China. She is planning to arm herself with taking a course in Chinese language in that city and i bet that will help her on the long run in doing her missionary work for God. We had a good lunch and although it was raining, we were well covered and sheltered and had a steamboat for lunch. In October, she will back in states to give a report on her missionary work in Asia to her sponsors and has talked to me about getting a airfare quote from a travel agency that specializes in missionary travel.

While i was surfing the website, i saw this site called Golden Rule which also specializes in humanitarian, adoption and missionary travel as well. The good people at Golden Rule Travel are a group of Christians whom will go all out to help you secure the best airfares in town. They will do a comparison for you on which is the cheapest airfare quote for you with the best customer service available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I can put my trust in these group of christian travel agent just like i trusted in my Lord. Amen...

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