Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where do you get the Latest Hotel and Travel News from...

I have this site at to recommend to you people out there if you want delicious hot news circulating among hotels, hot lounge and clubs around the globe and many more exciting news to share....

Heard of Undersea Hotel? I know that shock on your face, but its true, Jules Undersea Lodge offers such a unique experience to adventure seekers willing to splurge and have a very satisfying experience of living underwater. Occupants can even learn how to do a Scuba Crash Course while putting up here and enjoy a mer-chef kind of service for your meals.

This news of a haunting staying experience at Crescent Hotel reported by one occupant and his wife. The hotel till today is haunted and several spirits has taken residence there. Although, strange sightings by many of its hotel guest but still travelers are attracted to this place and to stay at this hotel to feel that spirit wondering around the hotel just spooks them up and bring back them incredible stories to tell of.

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