Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do you know where you can find Tulips?

Do you know where you can find Tulips? Yes, of course, it has to be in Holland, Netherlands. This time round, the travel show has brought it audiences and fly to Holland. We were shown the blooming of Tulips and Holland has the best environment to be growing tulips. While its cold and raining, its the best season to nurture tulips and have a field full of blooming tulips. There are over 400 species of tulips that the Dutches have grown and nurtured into and a stroll through the field of tulips or in the market place will definitely make you fall in love with the blooming tulips. During the show, we were shown the "Queen of Night", a very rare dark coloured tulip which is very expensive and not all the time you can set your eyes onto.

Next, our trip brings us to tasting the delightful Herring. There are many ways of preparing the Herring. It can be prepared by marinating the Herring first and then added as a filling on the bread together with some greens and onions. Or the other more traditional way of eating fresh Herring is to hold it by the tail and eat it, you then can taste the true Herring and it simply melts in the mouth. (of course, the fish must be cleaned before attempting the above).

Its fun to watch this travel show and i hope to catch it next time and pen it down here in my travel blog. Till next time!

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