Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My free trip to Hongkong in Janurary!

Hooray.............and yipee............I won the prize of this sponsored trip to Hongkong this coming January 2008. Firstly, all the participants went through a round of test which consist of a 40 questionnaire paper organised by the Hongkong Tourism Board. It was a open book test and myself and another co-worker attended this workshop.

I scored 38 out of 40 and same goes for my co-worker as well. Altogether, there were 10 slots available for this sponsored trip to Hongkong. Nine of the highest score were selected and only left myself and my co-worker, we had a round of draw and i had the winning ticket. I just couldn't believe that i was so lucky to be able to attend this event. Now in my mind, i'm thinking how much to bring, what to buy already.

This will be either a 4 or 5 day trip with everything thrown in free. Ticket, hotel, meals and tours as well. It will be organised before February and March as this two months are the busiest for us travel agents here. I can't wait for January to come along!

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