Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surat Thani Province, Thailand

On the 6th December 07, i went to lead a group of passenger of 116 including myself, another of my fellow colleague and lastly a local tv artiste - Ms Jin Ying Ji. It was rather exciting for me and the trip just kept my adrenaline pumping, as there were things to be decided and fixed at the last minute and the problem is - passenger do not understand, they tend to complain and as tour leaders, we try out utmost best to humour and contain that negative energy often smiling away even though we are angry inside of us, but its our job to entertain the folks in this trip and off we go....

Our first stop - Surat Thani Province, Thailand. Its the gateway to the beautiful and yet magnificent Koh Samui. But before we head for that beautiful paradise island, our plane which is the SILK AIRLINES landed in the airport of Surat Thani Province. Some folks may ask us, why are we landing in Surat Thani Province and not at Koh Samui Island since there is a international airport situated on that island. Its pretty simple, the Koh Samui International Airport was built by Bangkok Airways and hence any air traffic wanting to borrow its airport to land will not be granted approval at all, as it only wants its sole monopoly of its airport or shall we say, exclusively for Bangkok Airways passengers only. And hence, we can only gain traffic to land at the nearest island - Surat Thani Province.

When we landed, we went straight to our hotel - Diamond Hotel which is a local 3 star hotel standard for the night before venturing into Koh Samui. Its a clean hotel with all the necessary amenities and close by, there is a mall too. I took some pixs to show you all and if you happen to be at the hotel, tell them i sent you. Next, our trip to Koh Samui Island by Ferry.

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