Saturday, March 8, 2008

Muang Resort Spa and Lyara Beach Hotel Plaza



These two resorts which i saw during my Hotel Inspection is also worth any visitors coming and residing and using their facilities in them. The grandest Muang Resort & Spa is really quiet and peaceful in the day time, hence good for any honeymoon couples whom can just find the perfect solace and hide away enjoying one anothers company. Muang Resort of all the resort that i've been on the island boasts the best and biggest reception hall and very kind reception staff whom gave us a glass of cold water to drink while we rested at one of sofas nearby.

The next resort which is of special mention in my blog here has to be Lyara Beach Hotel & Plaza. Located in Chaweng beach area too, it is a boutique hotel to me but yet has all the amenities that a tourist can look for. Especially like the Cabana Rooms facing the swimming pool, sailor colours inside the room and the roof just shoots up like a cone, i immediately fell in love with the structure of the room-type which is also on the ground floor. Very accessible to the beach and swimming pool and one can even do some shopping at some of the boutiques located to the front of the Hotel.

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