Sunday, March 23, 2008


I indulged myself in the "Sponsored SPA Packages" that the owner of this beautiful resort "Natural Wing Health SPA Resort" has offered to me during my stay in this beautiful placed called Koh Samui. And since the beautiful owner whom doesn't look old for her age (maybe because she has the best of both worlds, food and spa packages that she can choose from daily, hahaha) has kindly sponsored me to have a relaxing SPA that she thought will be good for me to experience and hence go back and sell for her lah...

After choosing the SPA packages which best suits your needs (I chose the Hot Stone Spa package), you need to proceed to choose the type of oil essences that you like. My gosh, there were so many to choose from, i chose Ylang Ylang. It has a sweet smell and calming effect of putting oneself into dreamland which i think i needed most right at that moment. :D

After that, its straight to the massage room. Hot stones are then gently rubbed along those vital points in your body, thus creating that sensation of warmth and nice feeling spreading through your body and by using the essential oil of Ylang Ylang, i guess its a perfect combination for me. It lasted for over an hour and i could feel myself revitalised and ready to go the next lap again. :DDD

I want to personally thank the owner of Natural Health Wing SPA Resort for letting me experience the lovely and yet special effects of the Hot Stone SPA Massage experience.

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