Monday, February 19, 2007

Sala Kaew Ku in Nongkhai Province of NorthEast Thailand

Long long time ago......when a boy reaches a certain age, they are required to observe the life of a monkhood. However, this particular boy was different in that every time when the parents brought him to shave his head, the boy will go temporary blind until his hair is fully grown back, he regains his eyesight. Miraculously, this happened a few times, hence the monastery gave orders that for this particular boy, he does not have to observe this area of monkhood. Boy grew up and visions of different kinds of Gods came to him, hence he started to build this park where you will see different kinds of God sculptures that he had visions of, when i was first there, it seems like various types of Hindu Gods to me...Well seeing is believing. The dead body of this monk is kept in a small temple, up on the top most story of the temple. From the top story, you are able to view most of his visions of God Sculptures laid all over the place.

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