Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kelong Style Camping in Kukup, Malaysia

I've been asked a few times to organise some camping activities from time to time not because of the nature of my work but because i love organising such activities. My friends came back with good comments on the Kelong Style Camping Trip that a bunch of them went with kids and adults altogether.

The itinerary was for a overnight trip with meals, transport, accommodation being thrown in for a good price. On top of that, it came with a BBQ Seafood during the later part of the night. Kelong facilities are quite typical, inclusive of individual rooms with attached bathrooms. When night dawns on Kukup, the fun starts, loud singing can be heard thrown in with loads of laughter and with a full stomach, everyone has enjoyed to their fullest. While you sleep at night, you can hear the beautiful sound of the waves rolling into the shores of Kukup, twinkling stars bidding you goodnight while you tuck yourself to bed.

When in Kukup, one can also enjoy buying some of their local produces like ekan bilis, salted fish can even hop on a local small ferry which will bring you over to the fishing kelongs which they rear their own different types of fishes. Again, you will be spoilt for choices of the different kind of local produces which you can buy from them. The owners are more than willing to explain to you, the different kind of fishes that they rear for sale. When on these kelongs, one will have to be extra careful in the steps you are stepping as all the tracks are made of wood planks which are above the sea level.

I love Kukup for its seafood, scenery, the locals and on top of that karaoke singing till my hearts content.

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