Friday, March 9, 2007

The Wonders of Vietnam

I was sent to work in Vietnam for around 2weeks, first i make my stop at Ho Chi Minh City. The first impression i got from this city is that its so polluted, so many cars, especially motorcycles abound the streets. I guess the most interesting sights which i must admit will be the motorcyclist. No law or whatsoever governs on the number of passengers you can carry on your motorcycle. As long as you can ride, you can dump your whole family onto the motorcycle itself, strangely, people still carry on their daily lives ignoring this strange and dangerous display of wits and guts carrying and balancing their entire family on their small motorbike.

Waters in Vietnam are a no no to drink especially for tourist like us whom are brought up drinking purified drinking water. Even eating at their local food court, my stomach was not able to stand the food and hence a tummy ache for me. Avoid drinking their normal water but choose from mineral water or bottled water for safe drinking.

Avoid changing too much of Vietnam's currency 'Dong'. Tourist & stallholders nowadays will trade in US dollars. Hence, just change some for tips and such and pay the rest using your US dollars.

As its a 3rd world war country, you'll still see alot of beggars whom has lost their legs during the war, dragging themselves trying to peddle their wares on the streets, these can also be seen in Hanoi City too. I will usually try to buy some from them. I still prefer Hanoi as its less polluted and cooler than the city of Ho Chi Minh.

The 2 weeks stint in Vietnam has been a shocking experience, especially to my stomach. But overall, i still like this place, which has been a beautiful and dynamic atmospheric destination.

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