Friday, May 25, 2007

I love payperpost!

This is my second time, i'm posting for payperpost. I got to know about this site through my friend, another blogger whom has started her journey as a blogger a few years ago. She invited me to join her on this journey as a blogger and at the same time, earn some money and she describes these money as trikets of money as per post we, bloggers write for them, we only get a mere sum of money which is paid into our paypal account.

Some of my blogs was just over 90 days and some were not, however i submitted to payperpost for their blog reviews of all my blogs and i was quite happy that payperpost accepted one of my blogs. Blogs must be over 90 days before we, bloggers are allowed to submit in our blogs for them to review and approve. Once the payperpost team have reviewed your blogs and approves them, you can then choose from the open opportunities and start blogging away for the posts which you have picked. I was quite excited as i pick my first post to write about and it was about a site on, where it specializes in online coupon codes.

I must say that i've not made any friends now as i'm quite new here but i'm sure glad that i'm given this opportunity to earn some money and make some friends at payperpost.

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