Friday, May 25, 2007

Review a alphabet children's book!

Often when i see parents travelling with kids, kids being kids will make lots of noises, be cranky coz' they did not catch their usual nap time and parents will have to try ways and means to hoax their children from making a big fuss in the public area.

This book which i'm reviewing it right now is a Children Alphabet Fruit book which was originally dedicated to the author's son for his birthday but she happens to self publish it using Amazon's BookSurge publisher and included in this package is a listing on Amazon's website.

With bright colourful and yet appealing pictures of fruits on every page of the book, children will learn each alphabet letter that is assigned to the different fruit available in the book. Personally, i think its engaging and kids will fall in love with the book, ideally good for entertaining kids of all ages. Come and give this book a try.

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