Monday, May 21, 2007

Send me to Orlando, Florida, please......

I've never been to Orlando, Florida, i hope my boss will sent me to Orlando, Florida for a famil trip which is inspecting of our tours conducted in US and do some quality control. On top of that, i will also get to do some hotel inspection, to look at the different hotels which my land operator is using and assess the hotels being used to make sure that they are the best quality that they are supplying to my clients/customers.

Of which, Universal Studio and Disneyland is selling like hot cakes in my country and my customers are brought to above theme parks. The admission tickets which are directly bought with my land operator will be given to my passengers when they reach Orlando, Florida. While i was surfing the internet, i notice that this Orlando Fun is also selling discounted Universal Studios Tickets and Walt Disney World tickets which are quite comparable with my rates with my US land operator. Besides, offering discounted admission tickets, this company also offers this admission at 1-day or multi-day passes and with many options to choose from.

Time for me to slash the price down again with my operator and ask for a new quotation again!

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