Saturday, July 21, 2007

Do you want to earn extra...

pocket money? Its really very simple, just join PayPerPost and as a postie, you get paid to blog your favourite subject that is related or not to your blog which is completely up your choice. My friend told me of this PayPerPost site that will pay any postie upon completion of the post or opportunity that they request of you and you'll be paid a token sum of money to reward you for that post that you have contributed to them. I was initially a bit skeptical of this whole blogging for money thing but after i've tried it myself, i was hooked to it. Always logging in and trying to find opportunity post to write for PayPerPost, it wasn't a easy task for me, coz i'm still working on a slow notebook which i bought it some years ago and i'm using a service provider that does not charge me any rental of their services but charges me on a per usage basis.

Todate, i've earned from PayPerPost, a total sum of over $60 dollars. I'm planning to put this money into a savings account which i'm going to put for all my money blogging ventures. This money will then go into paying for my airticket to Houston, Texas to visit my friend there. I have lots of friends staying in Houston, Texas and i believe i'll be welcomed there. I have a friend whom has moved into a new house and has been constantly inviting me to stay over at their place. I've checked in my country on how much a airticket to fly me to Houston, which will cost me over a thousand dollars, this is just an estimate. As i'm a travel agent myself, i will be on the look-out on cheap tickets to fly me to my destination and have a nice holiday there in the company of my friends. I've heard that there are very nice food like steaks, pizzas and mexican food which i will definitely try them all while i'm there. Not forgetting, to shop till i drop, there are lots of bargain stores in the place where my friends live. Good branded clothes are alot cheaper than the country that i stay in which is definitely what i'm gonna bring back home.

Another great news is that, i've already achieved tenth post for my this blog which means that i could add another blog for PayPerPost to approve and then i can start posting opportunities for the new blog which is approved by them. I can't wait to complete another tenth post for my new blog so that i can yet add another blog again. I hope at the end of the day, i can quickly save enough money for my airtickets and shopping at this beautiful place in Houston, Texas.

I think everything will work out well for me...

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