Friday, July 20, 2007

I invited my American Friend...

to the Gym with me this time when he was traveling with his wife down to my country where i stay in. Every summer, this friend of mine will traveling with his wife, a kid and himself to our country for a summer vacation. We would catch up once a while when he is here. This time, i brought him to the Gym. He was quite surprised that the government will spend so much money to purchase these expensive equipments just to let its citizens whom enjoys exercise to come and make use of its facilities. After the one hour or so training, we had our hot shower before we head out to my bike mechanics as its time to give my bike a servicing.

We had lunch by the coffeeshop and he ordered a plate of curry chicken mixed with vegetables and rice, he does seem to be hungry. Both of us had two glasses of Ice-lemon tea to cool ourselves down before we head back home.

We had a tiring morning but its well worth the effort, I achieved some male bonding with my friend, exercised to keep myself fit, sent my bike to the mechanics with some company there. All in all, it was a fruitful trip for me.

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