Sunday, July 15, 2007

My boss...

intends to open up branches for his ever-growing businesses and i think its admirable of him to do that but there are certain risk involved but i guess as a businessman, you are out there to gamble and prepared to face those risk factors, and hey any business comes with a certain amount of risk involved.

My administration head is looking for a hosted PABX small business VoIP phone systems to be installed in our main office here. There are tons of companies out there that deliver such products but my boss has specifically mentioned to him to look for something that will help in long term save money or reduced costs, efficient, professional and user-friendly.

He is now scratching his head to look for such a product or service and i recommended him this company called Xpander Communications. Xpander Communications is an IP technology and telecommunications firm based in Margate, FL. With over 20 years telecommunications experience on board, the firm has evolved from a local provider to a global solutions builder with the ability to help any size or type business maximize productivity to the fullest possible extent.

Now, i sure my boss will be happy to learn that we are going to install this company's phone system in our premises.

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