Sunday, July 15, 2007

What can you do in Kuala Lumpur...

my customers will ask me, particularly in KL Chinatown? Well, this are the following which i will answer them. Vitally important to know your area since i've travelled there a few rounds but more of visiting than playing around or inspecting hotels at all?

1) KL Chinatown is the haven for cheap shopping, be it clothes, shoes, watches, bags. But be careful, coz its all fake Adidas, Nike, LV, Prada, etc...

2) KL Chinatown is the haven for cheap eating, when i was there visiting, me and my friend went to a restaurant located in the vicinity of this place. Ordered a plate of Beef noodles and a big bowl of soup for two, it costs us only RM$20++, now isn't that cheap food?

I guess the above two reason are suffice to anyone wanting to try the life in the KL chinatown area. Don't you think so?

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