Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Co-worker came back...

from visiting Disneyland in Hongkong and he was elaborating to me how fun and exciting his holiday was. He mentioned of all the exciting and fun rides in Disneyland, of the many different themeparks that he went, he still preferred Disneyland to the rest. He told me how he loved the many lovely characters and took lots of different photos with them all.

While he was there, he was in time to catch the latest promotion that the hotel in Disneyland called "Disneyland Hollywood Hotel" had. It was a night stay in the hotel with a free pass to Disneyland for everyone staying there. So all in all, his package that he bought has one pass and the hotel provided another pass and in total, he has two pass. He was overjoyed and had a jolly good time in Disneyland for two consecutive days.

I know of this site called the They offer numerous options of purchasing Disney Tickets from them. Magic Your Way Base Ticket allows you to visit one themepark and Magic Your Way No Expiration Ticket which basically is an option that allows your unused tickets to be used on your next visit.

I'm gonna introduce my co-worker this site and i think he'll like to visit them.

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