Friday, August 17, 2007

Compare Flight and taking the Train!

Lets compare the time spent on catching the flight and taking the train from Barcelona to Madrid. Records has it that when you catch a flight from Barcelona to Madrid or vice versa, you spend roughly over an hour and if you were to take a train journey you get to spend around 5.5 - 9 hours in total and it also depends on the different train services that you use. Hence, flying will make more sense and most business or independent travelers will use this option, as it saves you time and time means money too. Air Europa generally flies from Barcelona Airport to Madrid and it takes around 1hour and 15minutes, with a daily flight to offer and food onboard the flight. Ticket prices varies, you can expect to pay around EUR 94 - 320 plus a EUR 12 service charge.

Now that you've decided on which mode of transportation that you will use, you might have to think about accommodations. This site at will help you on your booking of
Hotels in Barcelona or (spanish site of Hoteles en Barcelona ), their pricing for their budget hotels start as low as EUR 19, now isn't that affordable? Next, of course on our list will be Hotels in Madrid or (spanish site of Hotels en Madrid ), again their pricing for their budget hotels start as low as EUR 25, quite a good bargain.

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