Saturday, August 18, 2007

This site is used for...

blog advertising and i am talking about smorty giving me the opportunities to write about advertisers whom have placed a certain product or service which they require bloggers like us to write a post, thrown in with our opinion, style and personality into those post.

When one has finished his/her post, it has to be submitted to smorty for approval. Smorty will then check for the back links which must be working and linking back to the advertiser. At the same time, they will also check for the key words that are used to be accurate and is what the advertisers want.

Buzz are created around the product or services required by advertisers and by the words of bloggers, news are spread around in the blogging world. I think its killing two birds with one stone. Advertisers can the required buzz about their product and services and bloggers are paid for blogging.

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