Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do you know...

that sponsored post can achieve an 10.545% average ctr? I was pretty much surprised that such a figure can be hit by sponsored post and marvel at the beauty of technology and of course - Sponsored Post can achieve.

At the beginning of this year, right in the month of February, my friend introduced me into this blogging world and i was hooked right from the beginning. She was a prolific blogger and together with some of the many other bloggers that i see on the net, i think they are all doing a wonderful job - blogging for money. At the beginning, my friend told me that this will help me earn a few dollars here and there or what she term as trinket of money from different pockets. I didn't realise or grasp the term of sponsored post until i was accepted into some other sponsored paid sites which will pay bloggers money for their opinions. After around 90 days, i was then accepted into PayPerPost. This blog which i'm currently updating with this information is the first blog that i've submitted. By then, i had a small following of bloggers whom would come by to look at what i have been posting. I must admit that this is also one of those blogs which i try to earn some pocket money out of it and together with it, i update it with some of my own trips which are sponsored by my company.

From the advertisers point of view, with this medium of advertising from tons of bloggers to bring out that information which they have requested bloggers to include in their post like their company profile, images etc, greatly helps potential customers whom are looking for that service or product much more easy and efficient. I had just finished blogging for Hotel which knowing that i travel that much knows how important accommodations are to travelers alike. Not only that, with up to 70% savings, travelers can save that money and best of all be assured that their accommodations are taken care of.

Its a Win Win situation for advertisers and bloggers alike. Advertisers get the much wanted publicity, buzz and traffic to their site from the information provided by posties and bloggers can get paid for their time spent blogging on the information with their own style and comfort.

That is my two cent worth.

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