Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Blogging Friend...

spinayarn has gone holidaying with his wife. I know that through some other bloggers whom were sharing this information with me. I know that he is a prolific blogger, always by his notebook. I think he breathes, eats all in the internet is what i see of him. All his blogs are money churning machines and the secret which i know of him blogging with all his strength is that all this trinket of money which he has earned will be put into both him and his wife's retirement funds.

I know retirement can be a frightful thing to think about. I'm now 35 years and already my insurance agent is reminding me to think of how to have a golden egg for my retirement fund. How to grow my money now in order to achieve a golden egg opportunity for my retirement. For one thing i know, what i earned, can quickly disappear and knowing that i did start to save some of my salary for my retirement. Plus, my government is making all adult with earning power to put in around 20% into a saving funds which we can use it for safe investment which doesn't carry so much risk as to lose those money, this funds can then be drawn out when i reach 55 years old. Hopefully, by 55 years old, i can still be fit and moving around and still be working till i can't work anymore.

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