Saturday, August 25, 2007

Irresponsible acts!

Reported through our country's evening news that our neighbouring country - Malaysia had a few series of coach accidents and a few has died because of such incidents. The last accident which i heard over the news was that the coach was on a evening shift and the driver was nodding to sleep while driving his coach. And because of this, someone was killed and a few injured.

When the police arrived at the vicinity, the driver fled and left the coach leaving those passengers tending to their injuries. I was very angry when i heard that the driver as sleeping while driving his coach, not only was he endangering the lives of his passengers but also the lives of those pedestrians on the road. These are innocent lives but because of some careless acts resulted in such tradegy.

Last heard over the news was that the Malaysian government may ban travel agents especially those whom are hiring night coaches leaving for Malaysia. I guess that should curb irresponsible drivers from driving the coach especially if they are tired and needing some rest.

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