Saturday, August 25, 2007

She is my grand-master in blogging...

My good friend showintale was the one responsible for Mr Angel's becoming of today!!! She lead me into the blogsphere environment and here am i actually addicted to it. She had many a blog that she keeps and it seems to me like its her destiny to be blogging and earning that few bucks off the internet or blogging world.

And its through her that i finally am able to start blogging and earning my status now as a PR 2. From following her example , i learnt that its not just a days building up to her status of now. Rome is not built in a day and hence all her blogs are seemingly blogged by her relentlessly and consistently.

Though she is traveling often to China from reading her blogs, she doesn't stop there, she always finds a chance to blog even though she is traveling, that is her style and passionate about her blogging world and cheers to her - for i know the sky is the limit for her...

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