Friday, September 28, 2007

My bad money habits!

Do you at times meet such a emergency like a immediate need in a cash advance? I do at times, you see, i'm a person whom doesn't save at all and uses every penny that i have in my wallet and my paycheck as well. Well, whenever i go shopping especially if i were to go overseas for my holiday, i always ended up using all those money that i carried along with me and at times will use my credit cards to pay for my purchases as well which i hated, coz i really can't keep up with credit card payments and always than never ended up paying interest that could amount to quite a sum of money together with the principle amount.

At times, i thought that if i could just spend those money on hand nicely and calculated that if i spend x amount of money before my payday then i will be fine until my next paycheck arrives. But sadly, some unexpected things or circumstances will happen and i will be in dire need of money. I am a proud person and even though i am in real need of money, i usually will depend on my own wits than to borrow money from someone else. I happen to browse through the internet and saw this site called cash advance and payday loans. They are generally some online lenders whom will lend you money when you satisfy their immediate criteria. Criteria that most employed people meet like employment status, minimum income, a active checking or savings account. As there are different online lenders there, you might meet one that will satisfy their criteria and hence those money will be coming to you in no time. But over the years and as i mature, i began to look at money with a different perspective in place and in my mind. Have began some enforcements and established some restraints myself too, i hope it will work out for you too.

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