Saturday, September 29, 2007

Transportation to Wutai Mountain!

Transport to Wutai Mountain. Tourists may get on train K717 from Beijing to Taiyuan at Beijing Railway Station, and get off at Wutaishan Station (Shahe Town), where they may go to Taihuai Town by bus. Taxis are available at Taihuai Town to take tourists to any tourist attractions in Wutai Mountain.

Those driving cars may run along Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway, turn to No. 112 nagtional highway at Gaobeidian and go westward, and turn to No. 108 national highway at Laiyuan, go directly to Shahe Town via Lingqiu in Shanxi, and exit from the national highway to go to Taihuai Town. They may also drive onto No. 108 national highway from Shijingshan, and then go to Wutai Mountain via Shidu, Yesanpo, and Laiyuan. Taking such a trip to Wutai Mountain is the best choice during summer vacation.

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