Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Casino in my country soon

Our government has implemented and has invited applicants to come and build up a Casino Gaming site in one of our small island called Sentosa. This used to be a sun, sea and sand paradise with different themes in the past to attract tourists and local visitors alike to visit this place. Sentosa can be reached either by bus, ferry or cable car. I liked the cable car ride coz anyone onboard could have a birds eye view of the entire place and just below will be ocean. In Sentosa, there are two hotels which are perfect for a getaway short trip for family and loved ones or for someone whom wants to just hang out and free those built up work pressures inside of you. For those seeking out cheaper accommodations, there are modest chalets that one can rent for a fee and just a stones throw, one can get to the beach in no time.

My church organised a trip to Sentosa a few years ago and we rented the chalet and had barbecue food and games and everyone of us had a good time there, we are gonna miss this place coz the Casino will be taking over and i'm not sure whether these cheap amenities will be still around. For one thing i'm sure when its opened, it will help to attract lots of employment opportunities for both the local people and those abroad to come and work in Singapore. However, if one is lazy to come all the way into Sentosa, one can look at the reviews done up by www.pro360.com which offers the best gambling sites offering casino online and many other gambling games which one can find and participate. If you are keen, look them up today!

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Mousee said...

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